MOOV City Access

For a safe and attractive city center

MOOV City Access

Urbanization leads to rapid growth of cities worldwide. Not only is the population growing, but the number of vehicles in the city is also increasing. This creates great pressure on the flow of traffic. Certainly in cities with a historic city center it is a challenge to ensure that the flow of traffic runs smoothly and safely. The narrow streets and squares are unsuitable for today's type and large amounts of traffic. This results in unsafe situations in, for example, shopping streets where many pedestrians walk.

Many cities therefore choose to ban cars in certain places. At the same time, suppliers and emergency services must be able to reach these places. So how do you do that? How do you control who is allowed in and when?

MOOV City Access voor een veilige en aantrekkelijke binnenstad

Why the city of The Hague opted for MOOV City Access

The city of The Hague is home to the Dutch parliament, the royal family, the International Court of Justice and many embassies. Obviously, safety plays an important role in this city. We are therefore proud to be able to support the municipality in regulating vehicle flows in its city center.

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