FAAC and Nedap offer complete solution for regulating traffic flows

June 7, 2021

FAAC and Nedap are joining forces to optimize the attractiveness of city centers in Belgium. As a result of urbanization, there is great pressure on the flow of traffic in inner cities. The business partners jointly offer a total solution to regulate traffic flows for a safe and livable city.

Pressure on traffic flows

Due to the rapid growth of cities, not only the population is growing, but also the number of vehicles. This creates a great pressure on the flow of traffic, especially in inner cities. Particularly in cities with a historic city center and small, narrow streets, it is a challenge to ensure that traffic flows safely and smoothly.

More and more cities and municipalities choose to exclude vehicles in certain zones. However, these zones must remain easily accessible for, for example, suppliers and emergency services.

Partnership FAAC & Nedap leads to complete access control solution

Nedap Identification Systems and FAAC are joining forces to provide Belgian cities with a solution to this challenge. Nedap has many years of worldwide experience in identifying vehicles and drivers. FAAC is known as an expert in the field of complete solutions for controlling motorized traffic in cities and integrating both hardware and software.

“The combination of the high-quality bollards and control posts from FAAC with the Nedap MOOV City Access controllers and unique cloud-based operating platform, offers cities and municipalities the ultimate solution for a controlled traffic flow. The high-quality choice for materials and the minimalstist design guarantee a discreet integration of the installation into the street scene.”
Willem Bakelandt Project Manager at FAAC Benux.
“The collaboration between Nedap and FAAC is very good news for municipalities because it brings together high-quality access control technology and in-depth knowledge of how to integrate it in one offer. It is the combination that ensures a carefree experience, both during and after implementation.”
Daniël Nijkamp, Proposition Manager MOOV at Nedap Identification Systems.

Recently, Antwerp has chosen this solution

Recently, the municipality of Antwerp has chosen for the total solution of the two business partners. FAAC developed a total solution to make several areas in the city center car-free by providing 50 passageways with bollards. Nedap’s MOOV City Access platform is integrated to determine when and where someone gets authorized access. In addition, Nedap's long-range reader TRANSIT and license plate camera ANPR Lumo are used to identify vehicles and drivers. If you would like to know more about this project, click on this link to continue reading.

Thanks to their many years of knowledge and expertise in the field of regulation of both vehicles and people flows, FAAC and Nedap are looking forward to convincing other Belgian cities and municipalities and helping to secure their attractive city centers.