Successful collaboration between Nedap and ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. for more than 15 years for regulation of vehicle flows in urban areas

February 15, 2022

How do you create a safe and liveable city, with increasing pressure from traffic to the city? ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. and Nedap Identification Systems offer a total solution for automating and regulating traffic flows to city centers. These two business partners have been working together for over 15 years, which has resulted in lots of proven installations in the Dutch market. Thanks to the combined knowledge and expertise, ST&D and Nedap offer effective and innovative solutions for regulating vehicle access and vehicle flows in many Dutch cities.

Increasing vehicle flows in inner cities

With almost 9 million passenger cars and 2 million commercial vehicles, Dutch cities are facing  large traffic volumes. The pressure on traffic flows is increasing, especially in inner cities. More and more vehicles need to access the city centers to work, live, supply or do some shopping. This results in congestion of unregulated traffic flows in the (often) narrow streets. As a result, the quality of life and economic attractiveness of a city can deteriorate rapidly. Municipalities face a challenge to keep traffic flowing in a safe and hassle-free manner and to ensure that only authorized vehicles have access to the inner city. In addition cities are searching for solutions to easily manage all the vehicle user groups that need to access the city. Cities are looking for a solution to tailor the access rights to when and why they need to enter the city, to reduce unnecessary traffic in the city.

Years of expertise and collaboration in automatic vehicle regulation

More and more municipalities are choosing to restrict access of vehicles to areas in the city center to avoid unnecessary traffic and to create an accessible and liveable city. However, certain zones must remain easily accessible for, for example residents, emergency services, suppliers and other authorized vehicles. But how do you manage this? ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. and Nedap Identification Systems have been working together for many years and offer a total solution to easily automate and regulate traffic flows to the restricted areas in the city.

More than 25 years of experience in the field of access technology

ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. is known as an expert in providing total solutions for controlled access and offers high-quality products. ST&D is already active in the market for more than 25 years and has built up a strong expertise in the field of automatic bollards (dynamic barriers). Automatic barriers in combination with license plate recognition, access control and other electronics applications; the company has been one of the few Dutch producers in this market for more than 25 years.

“We have been creating, building and maintaining solutions in the field of vehicle access control for more than a quarter of a century. Thanks to Nedap's sustainable products, we can be a reliable partner for our clients. During the years, we have proven to provide a safe city access solution for a very large part of the Dutch municipalities.” Ben Siebes, Commercial Director, ST&D Apeldoorn B.V.

Controlled vehicle access with Nedap's MOOV City Access

Nedap's MOOV City Access platform is a cloud platform specifically developed to manage vehicle access management in urban environments. With this solution you can easily regulate vehicle access according to reason why the vehicle needs to enter the city on which location at which time. In the MOOV software you simply determine the access policy, you then choose how you want to identify a vehicle and/or driver and ST&D and Nedap ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter certain zones for which permission has been granted. Because this process is fully automated, you no longer have to worry about it.

“The long term strategic partnership between ST&D and Nedap Identification Systems has resulted in a safe, easy to manage and scalable city access solution, which is already implemented in many Dutch cities and municipalities to create a liveable city and avoid unnecessary traffic in the city. Combining Nedap’s MOOV City Access solution with the barriers, implementation and installation by ST&D, offers cities a reliable, proven solution now and for the future. The combination of expertise of both ST&D and Nedap, provides the market with the best solution for city access.” Evelien O’Sullivan, Proposition Manager MOOV, Nedap Identification Systems

Accessible and safe city centers

ST&D and Nedap have already provided many Dutch cities with a tailor-made solution to regulate traffic flows and vehicle access, such as the municipality of Kerkrade. Recently, the municipality of Arnhem opted for the total solution from these two business partners to regulate traffic flows and provide easy access for vehicles to the historic city center. ST&D developed a total solution to make several areas in the city center car-free by restricting access to areas in the city by means of automatic bollards. Nedap's MOOV City Access platform was integrated to determine where and when vehicles gets authorized access. In addition, Nedap's long-range reader TRANSIT and license plate camera ANPR Lumo were used to identify vehicles and drivers.

The many years of collaboration between ST&D and Nedap has resulted in extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of vehicle flow regulation. ST&D and Nedap are looking forward to helping other Dutch cities and municipalities in keeping their city accessible and liveable.