Convenience and safe access for emergency services with TRANSIT 112

September 7, 2021

The safety of shop owners and tourists is paramount in city centers. Dynamic vehicle barriers, such as speed gates, bollards and barriers are often installed to keep out unwanted visitors. This is also the case in other places, such as business parks and leisure parks. But how do you deal with emergency services that always need access? And how do you ensure that access will be smooth and secure? Meet TRANSIT 112.

TRANSIT 112: when every second counts

Nedap offers a fast, convenient and safe access solution for emergency services to restricted areas by means of TRANSIT 112. With its long-range identification technology, Nedap makes it possible to provide emergency services fast, safe and reliable access, without having to stop the vehicle. This is crucial in (critical) situations when every second counts.

How does it work?

TRANSIT is a long-range reader that can identification transponders up to 10 meters away. This TRANSIT reader is pre-programmed for a specific RFID tag containing 112 coding, which are allocated to emergency services. The emergency vehicles are then equipped with an RFID transponder. There are two types of vehicle transponders available: a transponder that is attached to the inside of the vehicle’s windscreen with a suction cup and a fixed transponder located behind the grille of a vehicle. The combination of TRANSIT long-range reader with a pre-programmed 112 transponder ensures 24/7 access for emergency services.

TRANSIT 112 can be integrated as a stand-alone solution, connected to barriers or to existing parking management or access control systems. Which brand or type of access control system does not matter. When a vehicle equipped with a TRANSIT 112 transponder approaches the gate, it opens automatically without the vehicle having to stop. In the event of a critical situation, emergency services can automatically pass all vehicle barriers, quickly, safely and without delay.

Possible to use at any desired location

TRANSIT 112 can be used in any scenario that involves a vehicle barrier. It is an ideal solution for situations where many people come together, such as:

Benefits at a glance

Convenience and safe access in various cities

Nedap’s TRANSIT 112 solution has already proven itself in a large number of installations. For example, in the leisure industry a series of holiday parks in the Netherlands are already equipped with TRANSIT 112. Also, a large number of cities including Venlo, The Hague and Roermond, have implemented TRANSIT 112 to provide fast access for emergency services to pedestrianized areas in the city, to which access is restricted for vehicles.

“It is crucial for emergency services to get to their destination as quickly as possible, without delay in a safe manner. We are happy to contribute to this with our TRANSIT 112 solution, which is specially designed to provide direct, fast and safe access to restricted areas, such as (inner) cities, leisure parks or business parks, especially when every second counts!"
Michiel Rijssemus, Business Development Manager at Nedap Identification Systems

Seamless connection to the Nedap MOOV platform for vehicle access control

Are there other types of vehicles and drivers that require access to the restricted area? Then the combination of TRANSIT 112 with the Nedap MOOV platform is an excellent solution. This platform gives users control over which vehicle is allowed to enter a perimeter, such as a city center, holiday park or parking lot.

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